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Breakfast: The usual

Lunch: Dang salad, you sexy

Dinner: Chili

Snacks: Under control! Hubs gave me chocolate the other day — today was the last piece.

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WOD: Der CrossFit 07.27.2014 & 07.28.2014



Snatch grip press behind the neck (a/k/a Klokov Press): 3x10 @ 65# — burner

Snatch 5x1 @ 65# — I jump about a foot in the air. Certainly I could put more weight on the bar. Ugh.


10:00 EMOM — used 65#

  • snatch grip deadlift
  • hang snatch
  • snatch

5:00 EMOM

  • Box jump overs 20” scaled to 30” because no boxes
  • Kettlebell reverse lunge 35#

Hard to keep up, I think it actually took me 7:00 because of the giant box. I just made sure to do 5 rounds.




Partial Deadlifts from 45# plate: 4x8 @ 125, 165, 175, 195


  • 15 sumo deadlift high pulls (115/75)
  • 9 ring muscle ups (scaled to c2b pull-ups & ring dips)
  • 12 SDHP
  • 7 MUs
  • 9 SDHP
  • 5 MUs

Then 5:00 AMRAP:

  • 1-arm kb swing @ 35#
  • 10 v-ups

Think I got 4+8 reps.

Wendler deload week, light squats 3x5

Then did my Catalyst junk:

  • Snatch 2x3 @ 53# — felt perfect
  • Snatch 3x2 @ 53# — last ones got ugly due to me being a weakling and fatigue after all the hip flexor junk listed above
  • Snatch Pull 5x3 @ 65# — I was dead, did only 3 sets, late to a meeting

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Got bendy for an hour this morning with this guy — dude is annoying, but the bendy is exactly what I needed for tight hips, glutes and lower back.

It’s yin yoga, so you hold each pose 3-5 minutes.

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About Weight Loss with a Deadline and the 5n5 Challenge

I agree with the philosophy that putting a deadline and pressure on a person to lose X amount of weight in X amount of time is a bad idea. It often sets people up for disappointment and failure, or could cause relapse in people who may have eating disorders, etc.

I agree with the philosophy that building good habits and losing weight slowly over time due to those good habits is the best way to move forward.


I also agree that sometimes you need:

  • a kick in the pants
  • accountability with a group
  • a structure/framework in which to start discovering what those habits might be
  • something to make you aware of your actual consumption vs. what you “think” you consume (let’s call this “mindfulness” so we can drop some buzzwords in this shiz)

I’ve failed some 4n4s in the past (I don’t think I ever successfully met the target), but it KEPT ME MOTIVATED to eat well and exercise with the end goal of not dying too soon (not the actual percentage lost).

Use whatever tool works for you today to live a healthy life.

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Making it official?


When I mentioned it last week, a few folks seemed interested in doing a new 4n4 Challenge thing. The idea is to lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks with weekly weigh-ins and posts for accountability.

Since there are 5 weeks until Labor Day (from today), I’m going to switch it up for myself and do a 5n5. 

So here we go.

SW: 252# (yikes)

5% = ~13#.

GOAL: 239# (totally doable)

Tag your posts #5n5

This is still a fat loss blog:

SW: 130.5

5% = 6.5

GOAL: 124 (right where I was last summer where I was very comfortable!)

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Breakfast: The usual + sausage

Lunch: in a hurry, so it was a protein shake with avocado and spinach

Dinner: salmon, veggies, cherries

Snacks: too much cheese and chocolate

When I look at my macros, I’m always super high percentage for fat, but idgaf.

Isn’t my herb planter super nice?! B-day gift from ShortGrandma.

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Much better on snack control today. Forgot to take pic of my wonderful dinner made by my mom & husband — steak & roasted veggies!! So delicious!

Also got this sweet mug of mugs today. Early b-day gifts. Massage $$ from my mom & step-dad. Awwww yes!

I didn’t have any of the ice cream or red wine at dinner!!! Two of my biggest weaknesses. Super activated willpower!

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WOD: CrossFit 07.26.2014


Shoulder Press 5x4 @ 65, 75, 80, 85, 90

Band pull-aparts 5x8

WOD of Humblement:

Clapping push-ups
Ring dips

Rest 3:00

Row under the bar

20:30 — Stupid ring dips, go to Hell. Used a band.


Then some weightlifting:

Snatches 5x35, 3x45, 2x50, 2x55

Even though this is baby weight, I finally felt what it is like to “pull yourself under the bar.” That movement and speed came together today, and it clicked in my brain. I did many, many with just empty bar after that.

Clean & Jerk 5x70, 5x90, 3x95

Unfortunately, I couldn’t translate that to the clean today — but I did remind myself to stop power cleaning. Was just tired at the end.

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Breakfast: the usual + Bacon!

Lunch: Egg salad salad

Dinner: sketti squash + crockpot chicken & stewed tomatoes

Snacks killed me today. I absolutely can’t stop eating on rest days from the gym. What’s up with that? I graze nonstop.

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Plan for Failure: Being Consistent Is Not the Same as Being Perfect

In other words, it’s really easy to confuse being consistent with being perfect. And that is a problem because there is no safety margin for errors, mistakes, and emergencies. (You know, the type of things that make you a normal human being.)

Cutting yourself some slack becomes even more important when we consider the science behind habit formation and continual improvement. Research shows that, regardless of the habit that you are working to build, missing a single day has no measurable impact on your long-term success.

In other words, it is all about average speed, not maximum speed. Daily failures are like red lights during a road trip. When you’re driving a car, you’ll come to a red light every now and then. But if you maintain a good average speed, you’ll always make it to your destination despite the stops and delays along the way.

I love this message. It’s exactly what I did a couple of weeks ago when I messed up and said, “Ok, here’s my plan on how to get back on track.”

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WOD: Running 07.25.2014

It was a bit hotter out than I thought it would be today! Ended up walking a bit in mile 3, so I decided to make mile 4 intervals of 0.25 mile run / 0.1 mile walk. Soooo sweaty!

Normally, I try and do my 4.5 miler on Saturday or Sunday, but I happened to have some free time just now and it’s rest day at the gym, so I fit it in.

I used to try and keep a structured daily plan of what I was supposed to do each day for exercise — my “Plan vs Actual” spreadsheets.

Here’s a link to the last one I made on google docs.

I actually found it to be TOO structured, which caused a bit of stress/pressure when I wasn’t succeeding. I made it maybe 2.5 weeks into it, then stopped filling it out.

Now I just kind of have a basic schedule/plan in my head, and I just do what I can on a given day while juggling the variables life throws at me.

Having a basic plan helps guide me more than the pressure of saying:

"I MUST DO XY&Z TODAY! If I don’t, I’m a total failure and have to put a red X on the box!”

Here’s my basic plan:


  • Tue/Thurs  : interval run (30 min)
  • Sat OR Sun : 4-5 mile easy run
  • M/W/F Mornings : 30 min walk
  • All Evenings : Walk if need to finish steps

All Mornings : 30 min mobility/yoga

3 days on/1 day off : Gym (CrossFit, Wendler stuff and/or Olympic lifting)

tl;dr: For me, strict training plans are great for when I have an upcoming event that must be trained for. General plans are great for living a stress-free, flexible (haha, see what I did there) life.

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