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Running naked and scared

  • Nicest weather possible
  • No music
  • No 5 lb. fuel belt
  • No watch (it was in my pocket)
  • Out for a “nice comfortable jog”
  • Result was not what I expected, but full of @kimi’s Joy.

Now I’m scared I’ll go out to fast for realz on marathon day. And if I do, what’s the worst that happens? I bonk at 15? I bonk at 20? I bonk somewhere after that like I should any way??

How slow do I try and slow it down?!! I need one more really long run to know what to do, but I can’t do that now! AAAAAAHHHH!!!

  1. kristysfoodandfitness said: You’ll be ok!!! It’s all a guessing game. If you go out too fast, you’ll know not to do it next time!
  2. mateoverano said: Welcome to taper madness. You’ll do great! I’m taking it slow this year so if you bonk I’ll catch up and help you out!
  3. kungfucaveman said: Wow! You are crazy fast for a short little momma! Good job!
  4. tribander said: Don’t worry I’ll drag your ass over the finish…you over one shoulder…Moxy over the other. It’s handled.
  5. keepingupwithmcjones said: you’ll be fine!! you’ll be better than fine, you’ll be GREAT!
  6. runningwithguts said: I feel like you could rock somewhere between 10:30-11:00 with relative ease.
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