Short Mom

Is Short
Let’s Go. Let Go. Legs, Go!

  1. chrystimoreorless said: ISAWYOUFINISH!!!!!! It was fantastic :-) Seconds before the live stream cut, Shortmom came into view and across the finish line!
  2. betternikki said: Most fun race pics ever!
  3. emmerunswithit said: I love the double meaning of the word “proof” on these photos. :) Way to go, shortmom! Congrats!
  4. beckyc said: Do they say your names when you finish or are there too many people? So proud of you!
  5. l-8-10 said: Fact: shortmom takes the best pictures.
  6. lagirlontherun said: Your smile us infectious!!!! Congratulations :)
  7. keepingupwithmcjones said: you are ALWAYS SMILING!!!! looks like you had an absolute BLAST!! so happy you guys all had so much fun!
  8. runningwithguts said: So full of win.
  9. activeinpink said: lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove
  10. runwithrach said: I love these!!! They’re wonderful!!!
  11. skinnyforme said: omg look at u just loving every second and mile of it!!!!