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Kryptonite and a Robin Run

I just sat and ate 5 of these little bastards. 3 = 220 calories. Did you know you can buy them by the case (550 individual truffles) for only $126.50 on their web site?

In other news …

3.5 miles in 35 minutes for a 350 calorie burn for Ms. Robin’s big 35! Hope you have an awesome birthday!

Unfortunately, every single run hurts. What up, leg? Get your act together!

For Robin’s birthday, she sent me a present. I know, what? Because I am so generous, I will share it with all of you. I think more people than just myself can benefit from this priceless gift:

Hi! I know you probably don’t need any pep talk from me but after reading your post this morning I just felt the need to send you a message. I don’t even know what to say except this. You are an amazing woman who has amazing drive and determination. I’ve seen you accomplish so much and bust through plateaus and not only reach your goals but shatter them with incredible passion. You know the things you need to do and being consistent is key. Don’t be too hard on yourself. So many miles to be ran and so many miles to be biked. The holidays and winter months are hard on all of us. Trying to maintain is a nightmare with hectic schedules and all the wonderful things to be enjoyed. There will be buckets of sweat and salt poured forth this summer. Knowing that helps us keep some perspective and see the big picture. I’m glad you had a great weekend and enjoyed it. The damage will be undone and you will go on to reach new goals and inspire many. Keep kicking ass and taking names. Love, R

Please accept this gently-used message to try and pick yourself up with me and get back into the GROOVE OF AWESOME.

This morning, I was still putzing around, feeling like meh. Then I realized I hadn’t exercised in 4 days. DUH! So there you go, my 3.5 seems like a poor excuse for a birthday present compared to this wonderful message.

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  1. losingitall said: I think that Lindt tastes yucky, maybe just I have cheap taste though but if they were right there in front of me I doubt I could resist. I couldn’t agree more with R’s messge to you, you are amazing and too hard on yourself at times :)
  2. neon-spandex said: they’re even cheaper at the factory in NH. danger, danger!
  3. thisfearlesslife said: I agree with Robin! You are incredible and have supported me and pushed me from the start!
  4. ironphenix said: I was so worried after I sent that message. I’m glad that the true spirit in which it was meant translated well. crying now in my office. I really love you and I know thing will fall back into place soon. Thank you so much for the miles. sweet lady.
  5. josethompson said: I love those little chocolate truffles!!!
  6. chrystimoreorless said: Those things aren’t allowed in my house. Ever.
  7. betternikki said: I admire both of you awesome women.
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