Short Mom

Is Short
Let’s Go. Let Go. Legs, Go!

  1. uhoh-janellio said: haha!
  2. rookcanrun said: Also, I love the F-15! I worked on those from 1992-2008.
  3. snapthistiger said: that sweater needs to go….
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  5. robot-boogie said: Let’s teach Moxy to knit so she can make herself a kickass sweater!!! :D
  6. falllingforward said: dislike!
  7. tallmormon said: So true
  8. mrsfitwatcher said: Let’s start a fundraiser to buy Moxy a new, more fashionable sweater. I will chip in at least $10 if not more if that thing gets BURNED and she never wears it again. FOR REAL.
  9. makingitupeachday said: yes!! love this!
  10. melanietris said: LMAO!!! I hate that damn sweater!