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WOD: CrossFit 02.22.2013


5x4 Back Squat & Glute Ham Raise

Squat: 83#, 103#, 123#, 143#, 153#

I tried for 163# after this and made it 2 reps — lost my balance and had to ditch it. I’m not intentionally working out to failure all the time, it’s just that I don’t have a baseline for some things because I had to go light in the past due to injuries (hip flexor crap last year in this case).

I’m not a heavy squatter at all, but it’s fun to work in with somebody brand new who is all, “OMG that-is-so-heavy-how-do-you-even?!”

I skipped the GHR because there were so many freaking people there today — we usually only have about 6-8 at the lunchtime crowd; today there were about 15-18. Crazy!


3 Rounds for time of:

  • 15-Back Squat @ Bodyweight
  • 15-Toes 2 Bar
  • 150ft Bear Crawl

Started at bodyweight (133#), but after 4 reps I knew I couldn’t do the whole WOD at it so I ditched to 103#. All reps after that were unbroken — GRUNTY!, but unbroken. Sounded like Gold’s Gym up in my rack.  Rarrrrr!! Ummmffpphhh!

And to make this post picturesque, here’s a re-run of a Flashback Friday pic:

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  1. curvesintheroad said: I wanna be like you when I grow up
  2. maeinanutshell said: No way that is you in the pic!!! Awesome how you guys look now!
  3. regainingmymoxy said: SO EFFING AWESOME!! Sorry. Am a bit lame on the comments lately. But that doesn’t change how fucking amazing you are!!
  4. rookcanrun said: Wow!! You have made an incredible transformation! You look Mahhhhhvelous!
  5. josethompson said: Damn! You have lost a ton of weight!!
  6. auspiciousstruggle said: You’re my hero.
  7. strive4strong said: Wow, awesome progress!
  8. keepingupwithmcjones said: That looks nothing like you. Not even a little.
  9. melanietris said: An amazing change!
  10. keepgoinggreen said: Your shoulder/trap show yesterday and now this flashback. Jaw hitting floor over here!!! WOW such hard work and progress you have made!!!