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@pump-style runnin’ post. Allllll the sweat!! So humid. This is my second run in a row with a sub-9:00 4th mile, and I’ve been consistently running negative splits lately!!

During my 4th mile, I was thinking about how big butts and thighs run in my family, which lead to thinking about squatting and how I wish I’d known years ago that big thighs and butts are good for squatting, which lead to thinking about quads and glutes and hamstrings and squat and running mechanics, which lead to an epiphany to use them to pick up my lazy knees and before I knew it I was flying and springing off the ground with every step. And as I huffed and puffed with every step and made sounds that probably made the neighbors think some serious sexy time was happening on the street and my quads were burning and I wanted to quit, all I could hear was the coach at the gym on Friday yelling, “GET BACK ON THE BAR!” right in my face.

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  1. blissmanifesto said: I hear my yoga teacher in my head all the time. She usually says “… and now retract the arm into the shoulder joint.”
  2. chrystimoreorless said: Different pic. New garmin?
  3. countchoculr said: Good job