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Obligatory first day of 1st Grade photo. He’s giving a thumbs down because he didn’t want to go. He cried all last week because he hates school so much and it is so boring, etc., etc. Today when I picked him up he said, “First grade is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!” Huge weight off my shoulders, but my bet is that she fed them candy all day.

Second pic is of a moth — it molted and somehow got stuck upside-down to my kitchen counter. I touched it, and you see that fuzzy white spot under it? Well, I literally scared the poop out of it! I saw a moth poop today. My life is complete or something?

Team WOD at the gym today — deck of cards. We did kb swings, wall balls, situps and rowing for calories. Joker was burpees. I had two teammates, both pretty new to the gym. Instead of waiting around for them to finish each thing, I just kept on forever until they were done. Basically, I did a lot of wallballs and situps today.

But man, let me tell you!! I feel so STRONG today and like my endurance has kicked up a notch. If I had to draw a graph of how I’ve felt in terms of CF strength and endurance, it’s like this:

Where each blue mark is a month, starting with January. I felt like I could throw a kettlebell through the roof today and like the wall balls were filled with feathers. Totally caught me off guard! I feel like Wonder Woman.

Afterwards, some extra credit:

Bench: 5@53. 5@66, 3@80, 5@100, 3@115, 3@126

Squat: 5@67, 5@84, 3@100, 5@126, 3@142, 2@163

Squatters are still a bit fatigued from the weekend, but not very sore. I can just tell they are still a little out of juice and repairing.

Just an awesome day at the gym. I must be so annoying to other people there because that place truly makes me happy. I try to use that happy to help motivate others, but it could come off as obnoxious if they are wanting to focus internally. I’ve really turned into my mom — she’s a front row Jazzercizer who will have you dancin’ the day away.

tl;dr:  I LOVE EXERCISING AND I FEEL AWESOME and Max liked school today and I scared the poop out of a moth.

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  1. irlamy said: Front Row Jazzercizer would be a great band name
  2. easybeinggreene said: hooray for first grade!
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  4. auspiciousstruggle said: What an epic Tuesday.
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  6. clevcrew said: i’m SO happy your boy liked 1st grade :)