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We can’t have nice things! Did you know the stones have foam in the middle? :-) This one obviously had some flaw and it cracked.

Bonus blurry “don’t get caught” gym pic for GST. So awkward.

Strength: Split Jerk 3x3 @ 115#

WOD 1:

10:00 EMOM:
- squat clean (155/105)
- hang power clean
- alternate push jerk / split jerk

Scaled to 85#. Fell on my butt once. Doh!

WOD 2:
Death by burpees and pull-ups

On the minute until you can’t fit the reps in: 1 of each, 3 of each, 5, 7, 9, etc.

Made it to 7 an my hands didn’t want to keep up any more. We kept working and doing what we could within the minute until the last person finished (he got 13).

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  1. iamrunner said: Your arms…..I want your arms
  2. nikkidoesthings said: Looks at the guns. def. rhabdo.
  3. karladoesmotherhood said: Guns for days!
  4. erinen31 said: Damn, girl! I covet those guns! Some day… some day…
  5. tribander said: haha I’ve made ours…no foam! But I guess that lets you vary the weight with one mold. Genius!
  6. lizlivinglife said: DEM GUNZ. That’s why my gym pics are so lame, I’m so nervous about getting caught! HAHAHA.
  7. mar-kicksass said: You broke a ROCK? Jeez. Dem guns!